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تحریکِ پاکستان Membership Form

Please join us to help build an ideally-suited homeland – our beloved Pakistan – free from corruption and all social evils where everyone can live in complete peace and harmony without fear of any terror threat and where all of us enjoy their basic and democratic rights, civil liberties and freedom of speech. Hopefully, having read our agenda, you will decide to become a part of our dynamic group for the change you have always wished.

We Are Looking For Volunteers

Please Fill Out The Form Below And We Will Contact You Shortly.

We need volunteers to work in positions at our departments of Administrative , Bureaucracy Affairs, Communications, Coding, Coordinator, Customer Service, Education Affairs, Event Planner, Graphic Designer, Human Resources, Internet Security, Legal Affairs, Marketing, Media, Networking, Operation, Public Relations, Research, Social Media, Software Engineer, Technology, Volunteer Manager, Webmaster, Website Content, Website Marketing, Website UX/UI, Web Engineering, Web Design etc.

If you believe you have got the ability and you evince your interest in these fields, please do not hesitate to apply via our email or by filling up the given application form.

Send Us Resume By Email Address:  Jobs@PakistanMovement.com

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